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Cinnamon Shoes

Handmade in limited numbers, discover the latest designs.


House of Cinnamon presents East African lifestyle brand Seringa.  We have hand-picked exquisite, one of a kind pieces from their jewellery collection.

Tassel and Neck Scarves

Hand-printed in Italy, House of Cinnamon has teamed up with luxury brand Broska to bring you limited edition designs.

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The Taku Shopper - 'Green Sophistication'

House of Cinnamon is proud to introduce this Shopper made from Hessian and Bamboo, with an illustration by Taku Dlamini.

Items such as grocery bags, used only for an average of 12 minutes, remain on this planet for half a millennium until they fully biodegrade.

Join us and the Two Oceans Aquarium in the efforts of trying to save the oceans,  by choosing to go Plastic Free.
Proceeds form the purchase of our shoppers will go towards the amazing programs the Aquarium runs to combat environmental degradation and conserve oceanic wildlife.

'Choose consciously and responsibly.' 

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